100 Growth Hacking Tactics - The Growth Hacking Handbook

#7. The Name Drop Hack

What is this? When writing blog content, reference or mention influential bloggers in your industry then reach out to them after publishing.

Why should I do this? Tapping into an influential individual’s network can expose you to a large new audience of potential customers. While it might be difficult to get an influencer to mention you off the bat, your chances are much greater if you involve them in your content somehow. For example, quoting something they wrote and saying whether you agree or disagree. Your quoting them strengthens their position as a thought leader, which is likely a fact they will want to share with their audience e.g. “check out all this content that people are writing about me!”.

Who else is doing this? Blog platforms often have a block quote feature that is used for this purpose - to cite other bloggers in the ecosystem.

How can I implement this? Once you have found influential bloggers or twitter users in your industry, always be on the lookout for content by them that you have a strong opinion on. Writing a genuine, interesting counter argument or supporting argument via your blog is one simple way of executing this tactic. You will then need to reach out to them and present your content in some way, for example via a tweet with an @mention.


This is similar to the Piggyback Hack we discuss later on but the difference here is we look for influential people, regardless of whether their content is trending or not. The Piggyback Hack on the other hand focuses on trending “hot” content.

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