100 Growth Hacking Tactics - The Growth Hacking Handbook

#20. The Google Authorship Hack

What is this? When you do a search on Google and see the results page, you will notice that some content has the face of the author next to it. This display is controllable by the publisher, you just have to enable it for your site / content.

Why should I do this? Having a smiling, authoritative face next to content on a Google search result page can lend your content more authority and authenticity than the ones without it. This can help increase organic traffic to your content from Google.

Who else is doing this? Many pro blogs have implemented this feature. There are still many search results on Google SERPs that do not have this feature implemented, meaning anyone who uses this potentially has an advantage in terms of visibility.

How can I implement this? 2 things need to happen for author profile pictures to show up on Google search results. First, the author needs to list your site in their “contributor” section on their Google+ profile page. Second, the author’s Google+ profile page needs to be linked from the content they wrote on your site or blog. This can be achieved through using a meta tag. After implementing these two steps, it will take up to a month for the profile pictures to start appearing in Google SERPs.


The profile picture that displays will be the Google+ profile picture of the content author. So make sure this photo is appropriate for SERPs to appear alongside your content.

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