100 Growth Hacking Tactics - The Growth Hacking Handbook

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a special category of online marketing.

It is a collection of methods and tactics that are particularly well-suited for small companies and startups looking for early growth.

It is a way of solving common marketing challenges using the tools available to a startup - our agility, our creativity and our knack for technology.

Growth Hacking is scrappy and smart. It's about moving the needle for cheap or free. Big companies can throw money at marketing. Your startup cannot. For a Fortune 500, marketing is a spreadsheet. For a startup, marketing is a whiteboard.

Growth Hacking requires speed. It's about quickly testing ideas, often with tech folks and marketing folks working as a tight team. This is easy for startups and difficult for big companies where getting the mere approval to test an idea can take weeks.

Growth Hacking requires guts. Sometimes the tactics are risky. Exploiting a loophole that might be closed at any moment. Flirting with a legal or social boundary. These are things you can only get away with when you're small and unknown.

Some of the tools and tactics we use in Growth Hacking are brand new. Some of them are tried and tested, dating back to the first dotcom boom. We just never had a name for it until now.

We called it online marketing or digital marketing, lumping it together with all the stuff that big companies do with their excel sheets and PR agencies and media buys and annual marketing budgets - all of which are largely irrelevant to us, the small scrappy startup that just wants to get off the ground as cheaply and as fast as possible.

Now we know where to focus.

Growth Hacking is marketing for startups. This book contains 100 practical marketing tactics that your startup can use to grow.

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