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Yongfook Jon Yongfook is a tech entrepreneur and marketer.
He has started and sold two startups, currently runs SaaS company Beatrix and is a mentor at Singapore Management University and True Incube Thailand, a 500 Startups Partner.

Jon's talks on growth hacking at INSEAD are a real eye-opener to the MBA students! The students are now inspired by the many techniques on how to acquire and grow customers using digital platforms, tactics not commonly known to business school students. This book is a must-have for all technopreneurs.

Dr. Virginia Cha — Technology Entrepreneurship Educator, Mentor and Angel Investor, INSEAD

The growth hacking sessions with Jon Yongfook are must-learn knowledge for all businesses. Especially for startups doing marketing with limited resources to fight against gigantic corporations.

Saroj Ativitavas — General Manager, True Incube

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